Blanket Network Monitoring
600,000+ Interfaces, Single Server
Installs in Minutes
Reports Data in Seconds
Interface Utilization, Bits per Second, Errors, Discards, FECNS/BECNS
Network Device CPU/Memory/Temperature
Server CPU/Memory/Temperature/File System
Up / Down Status Devices
Up / Down Status Interfaces
Automatic Rewalk
1 Minute Polling
1 Second bps Polling
Virtualization Support
Data Keeps in Original Granularity 6 Hours No Limit
Default Dashboards
Customisable Dashboards
No Data Rollup or Averaging -
Autogrouping limited
LAN Traffic Analyzer and Netflow Included
Alerting and Thresholds
SLA Reports
Inventory Reporting
MAC IP to Switch Port Reporting
User Access Control
Schedule, Print, Email Reports
Customisable Summary Reports
Advanced Grouping/User Configurable Grouping
Advanced Administration
Advanced Time Filters
Advanced Reporting Tools
Historical Reporting
Default Calendar Views
SSH Access
CLI Access
Web SSL Encryption
Diagnostic Tools
Techncial Support from Statseeker
Free Training

The Network Real Time Monitor is a FREE product that can monitor in excess of 600,000 network interfaces from a single instance. The Network Real Time Monitor is powered by Statseeker’s proprietary Network Infrastructure Monitor technology and enables Network Professionals to gain visibility to the most important aspects of their network performance including latency, bandwidth utilization, errors, discards, cpu, memory and temperature to name but a few…..

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