Statseeker – Network Infrastructure Monitor

Statseeker advocates to be the world’s most essential, powerful and scalable monitoring solution that provides detailed visibility into your vital network performance data.

Statseeker technology allows you to confidently know your network from the inside out.

You will instantly know what’s working and what’s not, and what you need or where you have excess or not enough capacity on your network.

Statseeker allows network managers to monitor every port on a network, immediately alerting them to problems such as errors, hot spots and wasted capacity.

Our network monitoring software allows you to proactively fix problems, make key decisions and act with confidence.

With Statseeker you receive value for money and will achieve savings in OPEX and CAPEX expenditure.

Value on Investment

With a single server and reduced time to monitor your network, your total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced, downtime is less, ongoing maintenance is minimized. The system grows with you in a controlled, cost effective way.

We have a 45 day Free Evaluation of Statseeker easily downloadable from the website.

  • WebEx presentation for product review prior to installation
  • Full installations assistance
  • Full network review and functionality assessment by Statseeker staff
  • Unlimited technical support and customer service… so why not get started?

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